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Why Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham should just get a room

from Variety


No, it’s not a browmance in season three of Hannibal. Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter are gay lovers.  Outside of gratuitous violence, it is probably the only thing about the series that makes me long for Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of the titular character.   Will’s whisper of “I forgive you…” and Hannibal pausing, dramatically, just enough to react as he exits the catacomb is just too much to bear.   It makes a farce out of the true evil of Hannibal Lecter and a mockery of Will Graham, the agent trying to catching him (or perhaps run away with him as Graham infers to detective Pazzi).

If you read the book Hannibal, which is the source of this season’s first arc, you know Will Graham and all this nonsense is nowhere to be found. No, its all been dreamed up by Bryan Fuller, himself a gay man, who maintains in an interview with Variety that the cat and mouse relationship is a browmance – if by browmance you mean gay soap opera –:

If the first season was the bromance and the second season was the nasty breakup, I would say that season three is that stage in your relationship when you are haunted by that relationship and need to find closure, so for Will, his trajectory is one of completing the journey with Hannibal Lecter so he can free himself from that insanity.

Maybe its me,  but I don’t care about the relationship between Will and Hannibal.    It’s a big tease of long pauses, of seductive whispers,  sharing quiet moments with each other as one slowly closes his eyes at the behest of the other.

Even the attempted murder of Graham at the end of season two appeared to have homophobic elements, as Graham is run through with a knife and his liquid spilled to the ground.

Then in the second episode of season three we see this once again, just before Will awakens from an operation to  have that same knife protrude from his belly like a phallic symbol rising out from his stitches for no good reason.

It’s all very annoying.  If this is to be a homo-erotic horror story, then let these two men get a room and take care of business, then get on with the mayhem.  The show needs to get back to it roots,  good FBI agent tracks psycho serial killer.  The End.


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