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Welcome to the New Year


Yes I am late wishing the world a happy 2015.  What have I been doing!?    Well, as you can see, V-TIP.COM is back and better than ever.   That is not done by magic, but by hard work  and collaboration between my new developer team over the last few months.


The work continues and my focus is still there.  The promise is to have the fully functional  site up in a couple of months for the world to use and enjoy.

While V-TIP.COM is being rebirthed, so to is VTIP Productions.  It is my intention to make sure it has the biggest and best year ever.  As writer, director and creative force behind VTIP Productions it is my duty to keep V-TIP.COM stock with new content.


VTIP Production’s first web series The Shop is not going away.    With more episodes, bigger and better production value and more laughs The Shop will hit the internet  with additional episodes in 2015.   The goal is to begin shooting new episodes this summer to air in the fall and winter.  Please help support The Shop with any and all ideas and input.  If you are a member, type a comment.  Tell us if you like it. If you don’t like it tell us about that as well.     And don’t forget to vote.


If you’re not a member  click on the Contact Us page and tell us what we can do better.   Just make the subject line “The Shop Comments”.


Finally,  I will be updating this forum more regularly with the behind the scenes trials and tribulations of building V-TIP.COM and creating programming for VTIP Productions.   As always I encourage you to join me in blogging and posting to V-TIP.COM.  If you are an artist trying to build your own production company, tell me that as well.  V-TIP.COM would love to help.   I will soon have new ways for you to join our production team if you are interested in that.  The Public Forum is a great place to look.


Good luck.  God bless and let’s enjoy 2015 together.

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