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The Oath Keepers in Ferguson

Sam Andrews — Rolling Stone article


Saturday’s Melissa Harris Perry show on MSNBC featured an unlikely ally to the Black Lives Matter and the Furguson protesters.  Toward the end of a very interesting hour, she featured a former member of a group called the Oath Keepers.  Oather Keepers are 2nd amendment purists who believe in an individual’s personal right to bear arms and are against all attempts to regulate guns.  They also expose some more radical anti government views that other groups like the soverign citizens also believe in.

They are considered to be on the far right edge of the conservative movement.  But on MHP show, a former member,  Sam Andrews,  seems to be standing with Black Lives Matters.  Turns out the Oath Keepers were in Furgeson armed and open carrying military style weapons during the protests that occurred after the acquittal of Darin Wilson.  The media, the press and police painted the Keepers as a radical element who presented more harm than good.

The Keepers tell a very interesting version of what happened during the protests as well as their role in i .  For one, they contend there were four groups involved in the protests contrary to media reports of just two.   One was BLM, the other was the police, the third were a “criminal” element hiding amongst protesters and the fourth were a “criminal” element within the police force.


The criminal element amongst the protesters were what the man called “arsonists”.   They say The Keepers were there to, for instance, stop the arsonists from burning down buildings that housed people.

I personally believe whenever you have large rallies and protests it attracts anarchists,  people who want to cause mayhem and disorder in society.  If the Oath Keepers are to be believed they were the ones who started the fires and the looting.

But the most eye opening statement made by Sam Andrews  was a call for blacks to begin arming themselves (this got him kicked out of the oath keepers).  He has been pushing this call for all African Americans residents to remember they have a 2nd amendment right to bear arms.  See the video below:



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