Super Soul Sunday Thought

A picture to calm the soul


Just watched Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and had a thought that I wanted to post here and share with friends. Its a new segment I am calling Food For Thought:


This passage comes from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday where she speaks to three young authors about spirituality and spiritual growth.


Author of the book Spirit Junkie, Gabrielle Bernstein – shares her three step plan for higher knowledge and spiritual growth:


Step 1: Once you become willing to know more books fall off the shelves, tv shows come on and answers reveal themselves. Once you say you are willing to know more they will be given to you.


Step 2: Pay attention to the assignment. Don’t pretend nothing happened when the books fall off the shelf.

Step 3: Show up for the assignment. Sometimes we wake up to spirituality when the s*** hits the fan. Those are the moments you get to work those are not the moments you start to drink or eat or fall back to addiction.



And finally, from the great Eckhart Tolle – how to silence those damn voices in your head:



Eckhart’s book is:  A New Earth — Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.


Hope you find these thoughts as interesting as I did.

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