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Target now has free shipping

did you say free!!


Target made news today, almost a month prior to Black Friday, with an announcement that items purchased at Target will have free shipping. The promotion begins today until December 20th.

Target Corp. is offering for the first time free holiday shipping on all items, including even $6 lipsticks, as the discounter throws itself in the ring to compete better with the likes of Amazon.

The Minneapolis-based chain said its free shipping offer starts Wednesday and will last through Dec. 20. The move is unusually early for a retailer — coming weeks before the official holiday season kickoff over the Thanksgiving weekend — and could squeeze Target’s profit margins. But the strategy underscores how retailers are willing to do whatever it takes to grab shoppers in the holiday shopping season, which accounts for about 20 percent of the retail industry’s total sales

Target has had a lot of problems of late and has seen its sales numbers dwindle due to competition and a recent data breach.  It could also be because Amazon is looking to get into the brick and mortar business.

In Brooklyn, soon Amazon trucks will be able to deliver food at a keystroke not unlike Fresh Direct.


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