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Playboy stop publishing nudes



This week in WOW! Playboy is getting out to the TnA business as a way to increase revenue.


The magazine, most famous for its pictorial spreads of nude women, is finding it challenging to find readers .  Most are looking for hardcore porn, ubiquitous on the ‘net.  Looking at Playboy.com you would be hard pressed to remember this magazine had nude women at all.

According to Mashable the magazine’s chief executive finds the nudes “distracting”  and looks to pivot toward being a lifestyle magazine:

As noted by the Times, Playboy had once been a cultural institution not just for its nudity but also for publishing famous writers and conducting interviews with a variety of cultural and political players, from Miles Davis to Martin Luther King Jr. to Apple founder Steve Jobs.

They’re hoping people actually will start reading Playboy for the articles.

A nude-full Playboy.  You will be missed.

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