The New World Order

“I believe that the Pax Americana, as of tomorrow, is over,” Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group,  told Business Insider in a interview on Thursday.


By Pax Americana, Mr. Bremmer means the 70 year history of America as the world leader in economics and trade, military leadership and military power.  According the Wikipedia :

Pax Americana is primarily used in its modern connotations to refer to the peace among great powers established after the end of World War II in 1945, also called the Long Peace. In this modern sense, it has come to indicate the military and economic position of the United States in relation to other nations. For example, the Marshall Plan, which spent $13 billion to rebuild the economy of Western Europe, has been seen as “the launching of the pax americana.”[5]

The Latin term derives from Pax Romana of the Roman Empire. The term is most notably associated with Pax Britannica under the British Empire, which served as the global hegemon and constabulary from the late 18th century until the early 20th century.


Citing President – Elect Donald Trump’s “America First” banner,  Bremmer sees a new world order on the rise – one where China and Russia begin to fill the void left by America.  China has already begun making deals directly with Latin America and Australia excluding America.     This is something that CNN’s Fareed Zakaria spoke in the first six minutes of his show on Sunday:



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For more read his Washington Post article.


In addition, the new world order reflects the changes happening in Europe with Brexit as well as growing  nationalism in places like Greece and Germany.   We saw the beginning of this unrest with world wide financial collapse, but things were made worse by the rise of Isis inspired terror attacks and the war in Syria which has seen one of the largest migrations out of the middle east into Europe.


And let’s not forget the role of social media and the world wide web.  YouTube, Facebook and Twitter has made it possible for anyone to send a message and organize en masse with just the flick of a button.  We saw this with the Arab spring, Black Lives Matter and the Tea Party.  While this may seem like the very essence of freedom, it has a price.  The rise and spread of “fake news” during the campaign is still being investigated as a possible cause of Hillary Clinton’s unprecedented loss.


Speaking of which, a new war is being waged in cyberspace that no one is able to deal with.  Before the hacking of Podesta’s emails, there was the hacking of Sony’s entire corporate infrastructure in the United States.   Even as we speak, the hacked data which includes (but is not limited to): emails, conversations, time cards, social security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, corporate strategy and upcoming projects are still online and searchable on websites like Wikileaks.


Indeed this is a new world order.  With Obama’s departure from the White House we are seeing the end of America as leader of the free world.


God help us all.



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