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This crazy movie service will blow your mind

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Courtesy of  Torrentfreak – a new website allows anyone to embed a movie on their website. is the latest in a long list of sites using the Vodlocker name, which is bound to cause some level of confusion. However, what this Vodlocker variant offers is a convenient way for users to not only search for and find movies hosted on the Internet, but stream them instantly – with a twist.

After entering a movie’s IMDb code (the one starting ‘tt’) in a box on the page, Vodlocker quickly searches for the movie on various online hosting services, including Google Drive.

“We believe the complexity of uploading a video has become unnecessary, so we have created much like Google, an automated crawler that visits millions of pages every day to find all videos on the internet,” the site explains.


The site is ridiculously simple to use.  The legality/safety of using this is another matter.     Don’t believe it’s true — see the video above for yourself.

PS – If you are a copyright holder and would like me to remove your movie, please let me know in the comments.   Don’t forget to fill out your name and email address.


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