Today I talk about the worthless carrier deal that has given Donald Trump a bump in the polls.

The media, including (see the video below) some progressives, seem to think that these American jobs have “come back” due to Donald Trump’s savvy business skills.

But as Business Insider reports, if you watched Mad Money (see video below my video), Jim Crammer spoke to Carrier ceo Greg Hayes and has confirmed those jobs are gone and gone for good.

They’ve only kicked the can down the road with a delay – much like the repeal of Obamacare.

It’s a scam:


Here is the the Mad Money episode:

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Now, as I mentioned, the optics are good.   Just as good as going out and saying you want to delay the repeal of Obamacare as not to hurt anyone in the process.

But it’s a total scam.  And progressives should not be going out there praising Republicans who are scamming the American people and calling that strong.

They should be calling it what it is.  Just like the repeal of the ACA, and medicare after it, and medicaid after that and social security after that — it is a political sham.

With this Carrier deal all that has happened is 1) Donald Trump has used the media and Twitter to look like a hero. 2) Carrier has taken millions of dollars in tax breaks and 10 billion in sales to “save” 1000 jobs. 3) not saved American manufacturing jobs, but instead given Carrier the money to spend on buying new technologies that will “automate” the factories and kill American jobs (aka enough rope to hang ourselves).

Good job, America.

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