Energy drinks
Energy drinks

A construction worker, thinking it smart to consume a large number of energy drinks in order to keep up with his intense work schedule, ends up almost destroying his liver.

Within weeks of downing four to five energy drinks a day, the man began vomiting, and his skin turned yellow.

He was rushed to the hospital and doctors discovered he had acute hepatitis brought on by the increased amounts of niacin found in his energy drink.

Each bottle had about 200% of the daily recommended dose, reports Gizmodo.

In safe quantities, niacin — also found in green vegetables, meat, and eggs — can improve cholesterol levels and liver function and lower cardiovascular risk. But it also wreaks havoc on the body if too much is consumed.

Though the man’s daily intake of 160 to 200 milligrams was below the toxic level, the accumulation of niacin over three weeks was enough to do damage; the same thing happened years ago to a woman who drank 10 energy drinks daily for two weeks, reports Medical News Today.

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