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Is the rent really Too Damn High?


via Curbed NY


Via The Upshot, CurbedNY did a study of the neighborhoods hardest hit by high rent.  Turns out Captain America is right about Brooklyn.  It’s too expensive, even with that phat Shield salary.

Brooklyn rents reached new heights in April, and Manhattan rents have been steadily rising for more than a year. Escalating rents go hand-in-hand with gentrification, a topic that is only getting more contentious as the new-building boom—and with it, almost inevitably, even higher rents—creeps deeper into the outer boroughs.

The chart above shows exactly where the rent increases are being most felt.  The deeper the red, the higher the rent.  As predicted, Manhattan is still the king of high rental prices, particularly in Tribeca.

But Brooklyn is no slouch.  The red is concentrated around much of midtown and lower Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn, The Heights (Brooklyn and Prospect) Fort Green, Park Slope, Williamsburg.  Even BedSty and East New York is starting to see rent increases.

Take a look at the interactive map at curbed New York using the link above.

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