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Impressions after watching Avengers Infinity War


Warning: Spoilers for Thor Ragnarock

Early impressions:

Death Is Coming.

Thor Ragnarock ended with the death of Odin, the Warriors Three, Asgard and major changes for the Thor Universe in the MCU.  The destruction of the Thor’s homeworld left he, Hemdall, The Hulk and Loki and an untold number of Asgardians on a spaceship before encountering another, larger ship (in the post credits).

Looking at the Infinity War (IW for short) trailer, I think more death is coming.

In the comics Thanos was in love with death (literally).  When he steps out of the space portal 1:09 he brings it with him.

Dead Asgardian

One minute six seconds in we see someone walking past dead bodies amid total destruction.  Within frames we see Loki with the Tesserat.  A YouTuber reminded me you had to go back to the first Avengers movie to remember Loki was tasked with bringing the Tesserat, which bears an infinity stone, to Thanos.  He failed.   Thanos’ intermediary, perhaps one of his henchmen, warned Loki the price of failure was death.


In a vanity fair interview with Thor Ragnarock director Taika Waititi, he indicates the elevator scene where Loki and Thor are talking about what they have become to each other, they are saying their goodbyes.  Does that mean they will never see each other again after this movie?



Back to the trailer, we see Loki holding the prized possession of Thanos.  From the editing this scene appears to take place in the same location as the dead Asgardians and he looks like a frightening man.


My assumption is that Thanos will take the Tersserat and kill Loki.


The Hulk Goes Home, Thor gets lost

Another person on the ship with Loki, we see at about 09 seconds in the trailer, is Bruce Banner aka Hulk.  He appears to have crashed through the roof of Dr. Strange’s sanctum sanctorum.

How the hell did he get back to Earth?

Strange and Wong appear baffled at his presence, Wong is poised for a fight.   We know Loki, Strange and Thor met in Ragnarock.

Could Loki, as one of his last “heroic” acts, have  transported Hulk away to get help from Strange?  If so – why crash through the roof?  Hulk must have been knocked out to trigger the transformation to Banner.

Meanwhile we find Thor all over the place in this trailer.  He appears to be fighting his own battle in interstellar space. First at 00:21 he is standing on a ship.


Is that the same ship from Thor Ragnarock or is that the ship he is on at the end of the movie (see below)?  Whatever it is, it is deep in space.

At one point he is at the center of a giant object (1:19) perhaps in outer space.



He does not appear to be trapped by it, but perhaps he is trying to move it on some way — activate it.  Could this be part of the spaceship he and Loki, et al, were in?



Then, of course, at the end (2:15 on) he meets the Guardians of the Galaxy in what we can assume is their space craft.


Spidey Battles Thanos


At 1:37 Spiderman appears to be losing a fight to Thanos who appears to be wearing the Infinity Gauntlet. Whoa.

The winter soldier gets thawed out

I think we know what will happen at the end of Black Panther since the Winter Soldier is in full fighting form in the movie.

Either he plays a part in Panther movie or perhaps he gets thawed out in the post credit scene when Cap comes a callin.

If it is in the Panther post credit scene, it makes sense that the attack we are seeing is on Wakanda and may happen early on in the movie.


Who ever took down Vision it ain’t Thanos

From the trailer we see vision has been defeated, perhaps in battle.  Vision is a pretty powerful Avenger, so you would think it would take someone like Thanos to take him out.

But in the trailer (1:42), if you look at the feet of adversary, those do not look like Thanos’ boots.



One can only assume its one of his henchmen, the Black Order.

The reunion is bitter sweet


At the very beginning we are seeing the team reunited.  Stark reunites with Banner at Dr. Strange’s house.  We see Black Widow’s face when she greets, presumably, Banner again for the first time.

But the tone, from the scenes of destruction in NYC at 1:02, and the slower, darker rendition of the Avengers theme song show things are bleak.

The Avengers sequel

This movie, Infinity War, is truly Avengers 2.  It appears to take from all the themes and all the things that have been building since the first Avengers movie, including the voice of Samuel L Jackson, and his statement of what the purpose of the Avengers Initiative was.

We know this is going to be the last time we see Cap, Thor and Iron Man.  Their movies are done. Their contracts are over.  For all intents and purposes this movie is an ending that began 10 yrs ago.




One burning question remains.  Will we see Adam Warlock?

In the comics Warlock is the arch enemy of Thanos.   Originally appearing in FF and Thor comics, he was one of the only other persons in the marvel universe strong enough to wield the Infinity Stones (along with Drax and Gamora).   Clearly, if the trailer is any indication, the Avengers are out matched fighting the “Mad Titan”.

None of the reporting of the movie has even mentioned Warlock.

So far, he has not been seen in the MCU, but his presence is teased at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy in the post credits. Perhaps that is why Thor is with The Guardians.  To seek out HIM.


The future being teased?

One last note:

I do not think Thor’s hammer, being destroyed in Raganock, is the last we will see if it.  Why would Odin be banished to, of all places, Norway when there are 8 other realms?  I get he is a Nordic god and it makes sense for him to return “home”, but the remains of mjolnir are there.    Just sitting there, on the grass in the middle of Norway waiting to be swept up.

In the comics a woman has replaced Odinson as Thor.   In the movies, Lady Sif is the only movie character to not make it into the movie (as actress Jaimie Alexander was unable to make the Ragnarock filming).  Could there be a future female Thor in the waiting?


Trailer is here.


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