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For those of us using WHS

I purchased Windows Home Server 2011 after using it in beta and loving it and loving the idea of it and having my systems backed up, yada, yada, yada.


At the end of the day, add-ins for the server (like apps for an iPad or Android device) is what keeps people intruded and hooked on using the devise.  While I spent too much for the final version of WHS 2011, I am satisfied with my setup and having an add in like Drivepool makes things even sweeter.


Drivepool was created when the geniuses at Microsoft decided to ditch one of their more popular components of WHS called drive extender.  What drive extender purported to do is basically allow the end user to add an infinite number of hard drives to an existing array, or pool, and allow that pool to grow accordingly without having to rebuild the pool.  In addition, the pool itself would be seen as simply 1 drive letter and to the end user there would be no distinction between the drives, each would act collectively.  Extender would also duplicate all the data, if you wanted and act like a raid array. 


So drive extender was a must have which made WHS 2011 a must have for anyone who backs up their data.  So what did Microsoft do?  They killed it.  After debuting the feature in beta and getting the geeks all excited, they yanked it.  Is there any wonder why Apple is beating the stuffing out of Microsoft? The program was so popular, other programmers decided to make a go at replicating the program and process.  Which brings us to Drivepool.  


Drivepool masterfully picks up where drive extender left off:

One Place for All of Your Data

  • DrivePool creates one virtual drive that combines the free space of any number of physical disks, without altering their existing contents.
  • Forget about shuffling your data around to make more room.
  • If you ever run out of disk space on the pool, just plug in another drive, add it to the pool, and you’re set.

Data Redundancy

  • DrivePool can automatically keep a copy of every file in a duplicated folder on 2 separate hard drives.
  • Enable folder duplication for any shared folder on the pool.
  • If any one hard drive fails, the other copy of your file remains accessible.

Stop shuffling your files around different hard drives.

You don’t have to change the way you organize your data to meet the limitations of the system.

With DrivePool, the system becomes flexible and meets your needs.


Drivepool is a must have for WHS owners who care about their data.  I’ve been using it since pre beta and I highly recommend it. Buy it today.  

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