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I’ve decided to expand this blog beyond writings to video musings. Why?  Well, in the era of Trump there’s going to be a lot to talk about and I am a little tired of writing (plus I’m not a great writer).

First up is the Dakota Pipeline and the recent decision by the Army Corps of Engineers to stop construction on the pipeline – a victory for the Sioux nation.   But there is a huge caveat I talk about in the video below.


Next, is an article in the Journal Sentinal in which Paul Ryan plans to punt on ending the Affordable Care Act.  As the article notes this is something that Democrats knew would happen.



The New York Times confirms repeal and delay is going to be the name of the game for Republicans when it comes to the ACA.

This emerging “repeal and delay” strategy, which Speaker Paul D. Ryan discussed this week with Vice President-elect Mike Pence, underscores a growing recognition that replacing the health care law will be technically complicated and could be politically explosive.

Since the law was signed by Mr. Obama in March 2010, 20 million uninsured people have gained coverage, and the law has become deeply embedded in the nation’s health care system, accepted with varying degrees of enthusiasm by consumers, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and state and local governments.

Paul Krugman adds as his views to the mix. He correctly calls it a scam right out of the Donald Trump playbook and agrees the Republicans will wait until the mid terms to bring the hammer down on the ACA:

…vote to kill Obamacare, but with the effective date pushed back until after the 2018 midterm elections. By then, G.O.P. leaders promise, they’ll have come up with the replacement they haven’t been able to devise over the past seven years.

This is a political maneuver.  A way of killing Obamacare without paying a political price for it.  No one thinks this is necessary or out of concern for the public good.

…there’s likely to be chaos in health care markets well before Obamacare’s official expiration date, as insurance companies exit markets they know will soon collapse. But the political thinking seems to be that they can find a way to blame Democrats for the debacle.

This point is echoed by experts in the industry:

“The idea that you can repeal the Affordable Care Act with a two- or three-year transition period and not create market chaos is a total fantasy,” said Sabrina Corlette, a professor at the Health Policy Institute of Georgetown University. “Insurers need to know the rules of the road in order to develop plans and set premiums.”

They’re playing with people’s lives and all for politics.  But you  know what?  Elections have consequences.  This is what they want.  Now this is what they get.

God help the white working class.

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