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Follow ups: Cliven Bundy in jail, my battle with EBay

I want to follow up with a few things that have occurred since my last post. The follow ups are both personal and private.

Cliven Bundy was arrested and booked into Multnomah County Jail, February 10 2016

Cliven Bundy in jail:

In my post whatever happened to Cliven Bundy, I wrote about the Nevada rancher who was part of a right wing anti government group’s war against the Bureau of Land Management (or BLM) over grazing fees.  It is a war that lasted decades, millions of dollars and amounted to the Bundy family thumbing its nose at the federal government.   When the government came to the Bundy ranch to prevent his cattle from grazing on federal land of free, every right wing nut job came out of the wood work, looking to protect the rancher from what they saw as a government run amuck.

The consensus, months after that standoff ended, was that Bundy won that battle.  He was still grazing his cattle on federal land and he was still not paying the government a dime.

Well a funny thing happened last week.    Bundy, while traveling to Portland, Oregon was arrested for crimes related to the incident in 2014.

Bundy, 69, of Bunkerville, Nev., is charged in a criminal complaint with conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, assault on a federal law enforcement officer, using and carrying a firearm in relation to a crime of violence, obstruction of the administration of justice, and interference with commerce by extortion.  Bundy is scheduled for an initial court appearance at 1:30 p.m. today in Portland.

The 32-page complaint alleges that on or about April 12, 2014, Bundy and his co-conspirators organized and led a massive armed assault against federal law enforcement officers who were attempting to execute federal court orders to remove cattle from the federal public lands in Bunkerville, Nev.

If convicted, Bundy faces up to five years in prison on the conspiracy charge, up to 20 years in prison on the assault on a federal law enforcement officer and interference with commerce by extortion charges, up to 10 years in prison on the obstruction of justice charge, and a mandatory minimum consecutive of seven years in prison on the use and carry of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence charge, as well as fines of up to $250,000 per count.

The full indictment was made today in federal court which includes others involved in the incident such as his sons Ryan and Amon.  I guess that “strategic patience” stuff really works.

Ebay wins

On a personal note:  I posted my battle with Ebay over a month and a half ago.  The battle was over money I lost when an Ebay member purchased an item from me and, I believe, fraudulently used the  company’s “money back guarantee” to reverse a final sale.

When I objected, Ebay basically over ruled me.  So  I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau where the online retailer has an astonishing A rating.

Well, days after that post, I got a reply from the BBB that basically said — “Ok, we know are not satisfied, we will put in file 13”.

To say I was shocked that this process did not go any further is an understatement.



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