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Chris Wiggins, co-star of cult hit Friday the 13th the series died

Actor Chris Wiggins

Before there was Mulder and Scully of the X-Files, there was Mickey and Ryan.  The show was Friday the 13th the series  (which meant it had nothing to do with the series of movies of the same name).

Like the more popular X-Files, the show was a weekly run down of strange goings ons and acts of the occult.  While the show was primitive and a little corny  — it had some of the most compelling episodes of its time.

My favorites – “The Eye of Death”, where a man goes back to the civil war to retrieve artifacts only to resell them in present time as antiques and  “And now the news” where a demonic radio foretells or perhaps causes tragic deaths just before they happen.  Both in season two.

Along with Mickey and Ryan was Jack Marshack — older, wiser and a guiding force for the two young protagonists of the story. Shows like this made me want to be a writer in the fantasy genre in television.  Jack Marshack was my favorite character in the show.


February 24th, Hollywood Reporter writes:



Chris Wiggins, a veteran Canadian character and voice actor… died Feb. 19 in Elora, Ontario, his family announced in the Toronto Star, after a struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.



RIP the a great actor.


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