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Captain America: Civil War

Chris Evans visited Jimmy Kimmel last night and came with gifts:

Accept to add that DC has a true fight on their hands this summer.   Part of what this trailer and the series has going for it is history.  We know these characters, we like these characters and we are now emotionally attached to them.   We feel the betrayal of friendship, when Tony Stark feels it.  We feel the bond between the Winter Soldier/Bucky when Steve feels it.  We are bonded to these characters.


No one I know of came away from The Man of Steel knowing who Superman/Clark is.  In Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice (a stupid title all the way around*)  we have a new Batman.  A new Wonder Woman.   There is no history there.  No connection.  And we have the issue of the actors.  Can anyone of those actors complete with the all star cast in Civil War?


Its not impossible, but from what I see in the trailer — its tough.

*Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice pays it too cute.  The versus part is suppose to give us some excitement as if to wonder who will win in a fight between these two men (by the way Superman vs Batman is a title that goes back a decade to when Warners was looking to reboot the Batman line). And the dawn of justice is to tease “justice league”.   All in all a bad title.  imho.

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