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Captain America: Civil War

The most brutal fight yet between Captain America and Iron Man shows a bruised and battered Steve Rogers.   In addition this trailer gives us a shot and left for dead War Machine, Scarlet Witch vs Vision,  Black Panther vs Winter Soldier and finally Ant Man and Spider Man (not sure I liked the reveal of the web slinger).

Although very different from the comic mini series that bears its name, the movie looks more like Avengers 3 with a Captain America b story.  The stakes are high and very organic.  The threat feels real and understandable.  As far as a villain — other than the heroes and the government I see none.

I never read the comic series and thought the concept was a little contrived and convoluted (you basically know things will reset in the end).  But given this is, in all probability, the last Captain America movie and what they have all been though from Iron Man though the Avengers — it seems like the stakes are high indeed.

If only they could make a Thor movie this good….

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