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Is this believable – Pirate tv edition

Christina Milian “selling” Z Stream Box – from Torrent Freak

In this installment of “Is this believable?” we look at piracy.

A company selling a piracy box called “Z Stream Box” has pulled out all the stops when it comes to advertising.

The company is claiming celebrity endorsements from Christina Milian and internet star Jordyn Jones.

Promoted via a glossy website and numerous online videos, the set-top Z Stream Box aims to fulfil the dreams of every movie, TV show, sports and music junkie.

“Get the Biggest Shows, the Latest Movies, Stream the biggest blockbusters here first. Watch every episode of your favorite shows, past and present, Live and on demand. Enjoy the latest series and specials as they premiere without waiting,” the advertising reads.

“Break free of annual contracts, surprise fees and TV that ties you down. With Z Stream Box® get the TV you love over 100 of your favorite channels, Hit movies, Documentaries, Sports and more! NO contracts and NO monthly payments ever.”

Using artists like Christina and Jordyn is a clear play at younger demographics.

And using terms like “hit movies” and NO contracts and NO monthly payments is a clear play at piracy.

As one who is familiar with the KODI interface, it is clear that the system is nothing more than one of many KODI knock offs.

Dashboard board Z Stream from Torrent Freak

The company behind Kodi has, for years, been trying to fight pirates who use their system  as delivery device for ill gotten movies and music.

The selling EPK for this device appears to be impressive:

…this gig has absolutely everything – several glossy presenters, many actors, a perfect family, potential and existing ‘customers’ who can’t quite believe how good the device is, and much much more.

But that not all, as the saying goes.  Buy one of these 300 dollar boxes and get a free cruse…not!

disclaimer for Z Stream Box – Torrent Freak

So in this installment we have our answer.

No.  This is not believable!

Thanks to the folks at Torrent Freak for that one.

Video for the 18 minute trailer below (while it still lasts).


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