Interesting Stuff, Is this believable?

Is this believable – homeless millionaire edition

Per Newser, via USATODAY,  a homeless man in Palm Beach county Florida, is the heir to a multi million dollar an oil and gas company as reported by the Palm Beach Daily news.


The 56 year old William Tavoulareas is son of former Mobil CEO William P Tavoulareas.  After the elder’s death he was left a trust fund worth millions.

But when Tavoulareas  was arrested for stealing a parking boot, he was found homeless and living in his car.

His brother Peter, a shipping magnate, says the homeless millionaire is mentally ill:

“…he’s been having psychological problems. The family has tried to help him countless times. We tried to have him move in with family, but it appears he just wants to be homeless.…”


The family hopes the judge will sentence him to treatment instead of jail.

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