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Avengers Age Of Ultron


The newest and most revealing Age of Ultron trailer today has just poped up on Youtube thanks to Marvel and Twitter.  We get a better sense of plot and power.

Quick observances:

Clearly Ultron is playing the Magneto role for Wanda and Pietro (who, for all we  know, are not related) as a surrogate father.

Stark has taken something (perhaps the cosmic cube) to create this new artificial life form which is a “suit of armor”.

True to comics, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are there to drive our heroes apart.

Stark and Banner are besties.

True to Joss Whedon, Black Widow is bad ass in this trailer.

Thor still has very little to do other then shout “Is that the best you can do!!”  (as a character he is the weakest of all)

From the way Hulk smashes through these Ultrons they are not made of adamantium.

We see none of the reported superhero guest stars (Black Panther or Falcon).

Vision is our secret weapon.


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