With all eyes on the President of the United States going off his rocker at a press conference earlier today, it’s important to realize there is other news in the world.   Business Insider highlights the 10 most important things going on in the world today.

They include:


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  • Bank of America is sounding an alarm over  what it calls “ominous signs” for the market (above).
  • China’s debt levels are beginning to worry the International Monetary Fund.   Analysts believe the country’s growth targets should be ignored because of it.
  • MongoDB has filed to go public competing with the likes of Oracle on the stock market.  Mongo, a type of database, is the “M” in what is commonly called the MEAN stack. Developers commonly use the database with Express.js, Angularjs and Node.js.
  • An outbreak of bird flu is causing the Philippines to selectively slaughter some 600,000 birds.   The wide spread disease has already claimed 40,000 birds.


Check out Business Insider to read the rest.


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