Racism: Dutch Edition

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book Between The World and Me made it outside the United States and all over the globe landing, perhaps, in the whitest place on the planet – the Netherlands.

There, the biggest news paper NRC Handelsblad decided to review the book and give its perspective. So what does a place that is 80% white feel about the book?  Well, if the title of the article, “Nigger, are you crazy”, gives you any indication it’s not good.

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“Breakbeat” on trial

Dr. Luke


The Hollywood Reporter shines a light once again on an issue regarding copyright infringement in the music industry.

Months ago it was the family of Marvin Gaye who sued Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke.  In that case the Gayes insisted the block buster hit “Blurred Lines” infringed on their father’s classic hit “Got To Give It Up”.  As a surprise to some, a jury agreed  and awarded damages to the Gayes.  The two men tried to retry the case to no avail.

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MSNBC’s real problem (con’t)


After I wrote my last piece on MSNBC being boring, I thought a follow up on what should be done might be helpful.

To recap — MSNBC is boring.  End of recap.

Ok — I’ll elaborate.

The prime time bloc has become an echo chamber where the term “breaking news” is now a joke.  My attitude is if you’ve seen one show you’ve seen them all so why watch them all?  The results — third place in the ratings.

This was most evident in the truly newsworthy story about the Governor of New Jersey and his team being implicated in traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge. The network got slammed after obsessing over the story for months.  Currently the issue du jour is the Fox News Republican debate which the network (and many others) believe  will be a train wreck waiting to happen.

All are significant stories. The problem is, much like leftovers after a Thanksgiving feast,  a week of the stuff and you get tired of it.

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Super Soul Sunday Thought

A picture to calm the soul


Just watched Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and had a thought that I wanted to post here and share with friends. Its a new segment I am calling Food For Thought:


This passage comes from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday where she speaks to three young authors about spirituality and spiritual growth.


Author of the book Spirit Junkie, Gabrielle Bernstein – shares her three step plan for higher knowledge and spiritual growth:


Step 1: Once you become willing to know more books fall off the shelves, tv shows come on and answers reveal themselves. Once you say you are willing to know more they will be given to you.


Step 2: Pay attention to the assignment. Don’t pretend nothing happened when the books fall off the shelf.

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Could MSNBC’s real problem be it’s boring?



On September 13 2013, New Jersey.com ran a story about a major traffic jam on the George Washington bridge. Traffic had been grid locked like that for the entire week and it was devastating the small town of Fort Lee.  MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was the first to break that story (at least on MSNBC) on air.


Maddow’s reporting was a bombshell. It turned out the story would have national implications and, perhaps, bring down a governor who had overwhelmingly been reelected by the citizens of his state.

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