Midnight Rider trial set.

Sarah Jones


According to the Hollywood Reporter, March 9th is the date for what could be one of the most significant trials in Hollywood history. The stakes could not be higher. Not since the Twilight Zone movie has the principals of a production company been sued and held liable for the death of a crew person(s). But after months of investigating the state of Georgia has set a trial date on the involuntary manslaughter case of assistant camera person Sarah Jones.

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Marvel settles

The great Jack Kirby and his creations



A quick follow up to my previous post regarding the ongoing feud between Marvel Comics and one of the fathers of the Marvel Universe Jack Kirby.


The family of the famed artist had been working for years to assert creative rights over key Marvel characters such as Spider Man, the Hulk and Captain America. Infamous lawyer Marc Toberoff even sent cease and desist letters to Sony, Fox and others asserting the family’s intents.

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