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Judge Judy holds court, defends enormous salary

Hollywood Reporter gives us a hilarious blow by blow on a deposition taken by judge Judy Sheinlin in another case … 0 2329
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Walking Dead producers claim fraud in lawsuit

The filing of a lawsuit by the active producers of the Walking Dead could be a stake in the heart … 0 2082
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This crazy movie service will blow your mind

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”d88db9e2d01c495804975c3bf51f76e26bf5c0fe” <iframe src=”″ width=”853″ height=”480″ allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″></iframe>]   Courtesy of  Torrentfreak – a new website allows anyone … 0 2266
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Is this believable: Olympic medal edition

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”d88db9e2d01c495804975c3bf51f76e26bf5c0fe”  src=//]   USA Today reports the Olympic gold medals won during the 2016 RIO Olympics are rusting and … 0 2144
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Is this believable: Competitive Tickling follow up

A quick follow up to a post I made almost a year ago about a weird documentary entitled Tickled.   The … 0 2562

Last week at the White House

Finally we meet the real Steve Bannon0 1483

Sean Spicer on SNL

In case you’ve been on Mars, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer! And do not overlook that Betsy Devos impression.0 1600
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The three step plan to “save” Sears?

If you read the reports, the prognosticators on Wall Street have already predicted Sears will be bankrupt in two years.   … 0 1503

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Vox: First Person

Started reading’s very interesting first person series. They are a series of blogs written in the first person about … 0 1482
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Man drinks energy drink, gets hepatitis

A construction worker, thinking it smart to consume a large number of energy drinks in order to keep up with … 0 1471
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Is this believable: 42 million dollar steak dinner edition

An unemployed mother of four thought she’d made it big playing slots at the Resorts World Casino near LaGuardia Airport … 0 1279

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Last week at the White House


Sean Spicer on SNL


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Is the White House intimidating black journalists?


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Is working with President Trump delusional?


My face speaks — again! The truth behind the carrier deal


my face speaks – a video blog


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