Colin Kapernick responds

Eric Reid #35 (l) and Colin Kaepernick #7 (r) of the San Francisco 49ers kneel on the sideline, during the anthem, prior to the game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C., on Sept. 18, 2016. — Time

The bruhahaha over Colin Kapernick sitting during the national anthem was, to me, much ado about nothing.  Like many people I did not know the 49er quarterback was African American (now  the ‘fro does stand out – wonder if that is part of the protest).

At the time I did believe it was disrespectful to the country, the fans (who want to just watch a game and put politics aside) and for the NFL/49er organization (how many employers would tolerate employees making a political statement on company time?? – I thought). I changed my view as more people spoke up and spoke out about the issue.  And the more unarmed African Americans were being shot and killed by police.

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Tips for life: Steve Jobs style

From Business Insider
From Business Insider


On this the fifth anniversary of Steve Job’s death,  Business Insider gives us rules to live by to be successful in the business world.  These tips are said to be ones employed by the guru himself, as outlined by Walter Issacson’s Steve Job’s biography entitled Steve Jobs.

In case you question the man and his method, let’s not forget Jobs created two of the most successful businesses of all time. Pixar and Apple.

As Business Insider calls it:

He also used a blend of manipulative tactics to ensure his victories, particularly in boardroom meetings with some of the most powerful company executives in the world.

Let’s get to it.

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Is the future of vr and oculus rift alt-wrong?

Mark Zuckerburg with Oculus Rift
Mark Zuckerburg with Oculus Rift

This election season has people split on both sides.  People, companies and businesses are doing things that are unprecedented and everyone is taking notice.

For example, for the first time in its 126 year history the conservative Arizona Republic endorsed a Democrat (let the death threats begin!).  Hillary Clinton, the nation’s first female nominee, this week, will make history again, in the number of conservative Republican newspapers that have endorsed her.  First it was Cincinnati Enquirer and now the AZ Republic.

But her competitor Donald Trump has his supporters as well.  A Reddit user (Reddit being the website so popular and influential some have called the “front page of the internet”) named NimbleRichMan has written posts strongly criticizing the democratic nominee even going as far as sending out a meme “too big to jail”.

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Tips For Life – Online Business Edition

Danny Margulies.Courtesy of Danny Margulies by way of Business Insider
Danny Margulies.Courtesy of Danny Margulies by way of Business Insider

I’m starting a new post called tips for life to, sort of, highlight stories that help me get a new understanding on how the world works and give tips and tricks to help manage my life.

These stories could be anything from reaffirming an old saying as true to a story that turns conventional wisdom on its head.

In this episode I highlight the story of Danny Margulies. Mr. Margulies has an online business and was struggling to make it work.

But after following four unconventional steps he turned his bad fortunes into good ones and made $67,000 in five days.

Wanna know his secret? Thanks to Business Insider, here it is:

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