Moving from Yellow to Red – and what it means

Things look bad for the Democrats


Although Nate Silver’s prescient blog FiveThrityEight left the New York Times over a year ago, its spirit remains in the form of The Upshot and its MidTerm Calculus.  Like Fivethrityeight before it, the Upshot tries to calculate the odds are of wining or losing during an election season.  They do this through sophisticated calculations and observations of polling data.

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The knee defender, standing flights and sleep deprivation

A handful of quick updates I find fascinating:

Knee Defender – According it CBS News, a United Airlines flight out of Newark Airport was diverted and two passengers ejected, because one passenger was preventing the other from allowing his/her seat to recline. Using a device called the Knee Defender, the passenger was able to physically block the seat from moving back.

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Flippers beware


John Ray — the Veteran. Now bankrupt


I was a fan of Property Wars on The Discovery channel. The show, set in Arizona, follows four teams of “expert” real estate investors who are basically glorified flippers. They buy distressed homes at auction and flip them for a potential profit in the tens of thousands.

It appears the show was canceled after the second season and I wondered what ever became of these guys. Turns out one of the investors and stars of the show, John Ray (known as “the veteran” for his years of doing business in the Arizona market) has been in financial hot water for over a year.

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The Notorious RGB

From Politico: courtesy of Getty Images


Courtesy of the Huffpost, I’m linked to Politico’s  wide ranging article with the Notorious RBG —  Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

She is chief among the liberal minority.  She has a sharp mind and intellect.   Calls for her to step down from the Court due to her age (and the current President’s party affiliation) has been mostly ignored by the octogenarian.

As you read the article you wonder why anyone would want this justice to ever leave the court. Ginsburg covers everything from…

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