Is America really moving left?

Cover of The Atlantic


I’m just getting around to Peter Beinart’s article in the Atlantic entitled Why America Is Moving Left and boy is it a good one.   Beinart, who I have seen many times on Fareed Zakaria, is a very smart very talented writer with a liberal take on things. I’d bookmarked the article some time ago but never had a chance to read it. This being the blizzard of 2016, I found the time.

Like a Jonathan Chait article, Beinart spends time reminding us where the Democratic Party was and where it is today. It is a history lesson for yours truly.   The author spends time talking about the 80’s and 90’s, a period in which I was politically asleep. I like to trace my political “awakening” to the 2000 election and Bush v Gore.

But the Democratic party of the Regan era and the Clinton era is one of capitulation and denunciation of liberalism by Democrats. It was a period in which Conservationism was on the rise as liberalism was on the decline.   The idea of being a centrist Democrat was a go along to get along philosophy. I hear it a lot out of the mouths of Chris Mathews and Lawrence O’Donald – two men who spent the 90’s in Congress as staffers to Democratic dealmakers.

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Non review, review of Marvel’s Secret Wars


It finally happened.

Secret Wars ended on Wednesday, not with a bang, not with a bust but with something in between. I blogged previously about issue #1 and the excitement it brought. It was an excitement that was far superior to the similar offering by DC called Convergence.   But in the end the comic equally disappointed in my eyes.   The main reason is due to the much published delays in the Jonathan Hickman mini series. An astonishing 3 month delay to the final issue that was suppose to set the stage for the all new, all different Marvel, forced the company, oddly, to begin telling the new stories in this universe before telling us how the story ended. That took all the air and seriousness out of this earth shattering tale.     In the end really should have been called … [spoilers below]

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Has Hollywood learned nothing from the death of Sarah Jones?

from Variety

During Sunday’s telecast of the Golden Globes, we saw The Reverent take top prize for both picture and director. The Reverent is a movie that will probably be remembered for on screen brilliance as well as behind the scene drama.

The movie is set in the American South in the 1820s during a brutal winter. During the course of the movie, the lead character (Leonardo DiCaprio playing real life hunter Hugh Glass) is attacked by a bear, injured and left for dead. He, of course, is alive and comes back from the “dead” to exact revenge (hence the title). Essential to the plot is the brutality of the men, the terrain and the unforgiving weather.

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The Oath Keepers in Ferguson

Sam Andrews — Rolling Stone article


Saturday’s Melissa Harris Perry show on MSNBC featured an unlikely ally to the Black Lives Matter and the Furguson protesters.  Toward the end of a very interesting hour, she featured a former member of a group called the Oath Keepers.  Oather Keepers are 2nd amendment purists who believe in an individual’s personal right to bear arms and are against all attempts to regulate guns.  They also expose some more radical anti government views that other groups like the soverign citizens also believe in.

They are considered to be on the far right edge of the conservative movement.  But on MHP show, a former member,  Sam Andrews,  seems to be standing with Black Lives Matters.  Turns out the Oath Keepers were in Furgeson armed and open carrying military style weapons during the protests that occurred after the acquittal of Darin Wilson.  The media, the press and police painted the Keepers as a radical element who presented more harm than good.

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Eric v eBay Corp: Round 1



Last year I published a post on my war with eBay. Long story short, I sold my HP Touhpad on the online auction site only to have it returned to me. The buyer used eBay’s controversial money back guarantee to bypass my clearly stated no returns policy. For the record, the money back guaranteed (or mbg) is probably the most outrageous thing the online retailer could do to sellers.   In summary, it states if the buyer claims a defect or an item is not as described they can return the item within 30 DAYS of the sale. Not even Best Buy has a 30 day return window any more. And this is for new and USED items. And what proof does the buyer have to supply to bolster their claim?? Nothing. The buyer can basically lie through his or her teeth and eBay will enforce the mbg.

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Whatever happened to Cliven Bundy?

Cliven Bundy

The standoff in Oregon has one name attached to it that may seem familiar to some. Bundy. No, not Al Bundy.  Cliven Bundy or in this case, his son Ammon.  Bundy is among the ring leaders in a standoff between the feds (Bureau of Land Management) and a bunch of right wing militias.

The situation echos the same tactics used in Nevada in 2014 when father Cliven Bundy refused to pay a million dollars in fees and fines due to a grazing dispute that went back 20 years.

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