What the hell is CONVERGENCE??

Convergence courtesy of super hero hype.


Trying to keep up with the goings-on in the DCU – apparently Dan Dido and Jim Lee have given us more hints as what to expect next year on the 30th anniversary of Crisis of Infinite Earths (still can’t believe it’s been 30 years).

As discussed previously – DC appears to be digging into the archives and bringing pre 52 characters back from the “dead”. All this happens in a dramatic all encompassing DC mini-series next year. The name of this series “Convergence”.

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Midnight Rider trial set.

Sarah Jones


According to the Hollywood Reporter, March 9th is the date for what could be one of the most significant trials in Hollywood history. The stakes could not be higher. Not since the Twilight Zone movie has the principals of a production company been sued and held liable for the death of a crew person(s). But after months of investigating the state of Georgia has set a trial date on the involuntary manslaughter case of assistant camera person Sarah Jones.

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